Guild Video Event - Monday 4th Febuary 12AM Server Time

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Guild Video Event - Monday 4th Febuary 12AM Server Time

Post by DaMadBoy on Mon Feb 04, 2008 1:22 am

First I will start by saying for putting off the video event, I have been busy recently and haven't had time to do it. Anyway the guild video event will be tomorrow (Monday 4th Febuary) at 12am server time (GMT+Cool we will hopefully be fighting the big lovely boss in fishing village, taking some party shots there too, then we need a big flight scene of us all flying, so we'll do that as we fly to Orchis where we will take the sunset shot and the guild relaaxing on the beach, after that some individual shots of some of the guild members, I would prefer people that aren't in the main shots so we get as many guildies in the video as possible. Then that should be everything I need to make a start on the video. See you then.


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