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Guide for EP! Empty Guide for EP!

Post by Godly on Thu Jan 24, 2008 11:14 pm

Table of Contents

1) Stats
2) Equipment
3) Skills
4) Leveling Spot - Not done yet
5) PvP - Not done yet
6) Reference
7) Useful Links (Non-English)
8) Useful Links (English)


An Overview of Stats

In PW there is a total of 4 stats, strength, dexterity, constitution and intelligence.

- increase attack power for melee weapon
- increase physical defense

- increase attack power for range weapon
- increase dodge
- increase accuracy
- increase critical rating (NOTE: every 20 dex give you 1% more critical rating)

- increase physical defense
- increase magical defense
- increase hp
- increase hp regeneration rate (NOTE: hp regeneration is reduced by 75% when in combat mode)

- increase magical attack power
- increase magical defense
- increase maximum mana
- increase mana regeneration rate (NOTE: Mana regeneration is reduced by 75% when in combat mode)

NOTE: There is no stats that increase attack speed/movement speed


The Build

Though there are tons of different build for a character, they are mainly classified into 3 areas - Damage Type, Tanking Type and Hybrid Type.

Damage Type

INT STR Priest - pump your strength according to the minimum requirement for magical armor and rest of stats into intelligence. Leave your con and dex at 5.

This style of priest is sort of a mimic of mage. It has extremely high nuking power. It's main weakness is hp and low def. Hence int priest works better in party as compared to solo-ing. If a party is not present, such priest can always turn towards kiting for solo. But in PvP, players are not dumb enuff to aim the tanker instead of a INT Priest which can be killed in 2 to 3 hits. Hence you will require equipment that adds hp (unless you are such a hardcore fan of nuking power, than go for more nuking power for ur equipment) to offset ur weakness.

PROS: High nuking power and healing power.
CONS: Low hp

Tank Type

CON INT STR Priest - pump your strength and intelligence according to the minimum requirement for magical armor, rest of points into constitution. leave your dex at 5.

This type of priest has the highest tanking power but at the same time has the lowest nuking/healing power. But the tanking capability is only limited to magical skill since your physical def is still extremely low, it is highly recommended to use light armor instead of magical armor for this build if archer is more common than warrior. But please note that magical armor give you bonus to moving speed (20% if not wrong) which can prove to be really effective when running from mage/warrior/beast/fox (but has no effect against archer since they run... real fast it also has no effect on a warrior that activated his sprint skill and start dashing to u like some insane guy).

PROS: High hp pool and higher physical def
CONS: low nuking power and healing power

Hybrid Type - Recommended Build

INT CON STR Priest - pump your strength according to the minimum requirement for magical armor, pump your intelligence according to the minimum requirement for magical weapon, rest of points into constitution. Leave your dex at 5.

This build grants the priest about 30 to 40% more hp pool as compared to a INT Priest. But it also cause priest to lose about 20% nuking/healing power. But in a guild fight or PvP what is important is not ur nuking or healing power, it is to survive as long as possible and aid in the combat.

PROS and CONS: it has no pros and no cons since it is a hybrid.

Out of the 3 build, i strongly recommend the hybrid build. Reason is simply because damage is reduced by 75% when in PvP hence having a pure dmg build isn't really that wise. Considering the 2nd fact that most priest main job is not to kill in a PvP/guild war which thus reduce the advantage for having a pure dmg build.

The chart below is for the hybrid type I recommended:

Guide for EP! PriestStats

how to use the chart; pump your stats to the value shown at specific levels, the levels that are displayed is the level when u can buy new equipments. obviously the icon displayed beside the levels show the equipment that can be bought. for e.g. at lvl 8, u must get ur str to 7, int to 16 and con to 27. u will be able to equip ur pants/skirt at level 8 and a weapon for level 8 too (lvl 1, 8 and 14 are quest weapon, lvl 20 also has a quest weapon which is not shown in the chart, that weapon can be used till level 30 or so).



Guide for EP! PriestWeaponNPC


Guide for EP! PriestSkill2

Guide for EP! Priestskill

Skill Description - this section is basically a translated version of the detailed chinese archer guide with some added information by myself


Reference,1.html?time=1186917928 (This chinese guide provide a general information of each class possible build, brief skill description and leveling spot.) (A Chinese guide with Priest skill for demon/god) (A Chinese guide with some priest information) (A chinese guide on Priest) (Japanese wiki site, great information) (Another Japanese wiki site, has lesser information compared to kanbisekai)


Useful Links (Non-English) (A french site with compilation of various information),1.html?time=1186917239 (Chinese forum topic with information abt territory war),1.html?time=1140650684 (Same as above),1.html?time=1186917708 (A guide on lvl 26 quest by Xiao Qing, quite a long and tedious quest with great rewards, give u a misc item with 1% experience bonus) (Upgrade chart on PW chinese site, shows how much dmg is increase when u upgrade certain equipment.),1.html?time=1186916991 (A post of various useful topic on forum 17173),1.html?time=1186917492 (A chinese guide on demon/god quest change)


Useful Links (English) (Perhaps the best english wiki site for PW) (The forum for the above english wiki site)



27th Sep 07 - added the picture for the guide with no text due to the forum wipe

1st Oct 07 - added the reference section, useful link section and stats section heading for other section is also added but text not added back in yet.

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Guide for EP! Empty Re: Guide for EP!

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u should copy the Guide in here cus all need to register at the forums to have a look on it Smile

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