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Post by SharpClaw on Sun Feb 03, 2008 2:55 pm

There are 3 events I know of atm : "Tomb raider" , "Horse race" and "Rancor force attack" ; "Rancor force attack" seems random or so , but "Tomb raider" I was in yesterday it started @ 8pm server time in the city arena , if anyone knows the times for the "horse races" please post them here . You get badge of speed @ "horse race" and badges of str drop from boses of "Tomb raider" as well as other stuff . Is anyone else in guild intrested to go on these ? Badge of str/speed is worth 2k sp , I don't know much about all these Question

Ok update : "Tresure hunt" event is monday 20-24.00 hours server time for 80lvl+ , thuesday 20-24.00 hours server time for 60 lvl + , and 15-18.00 (not sure) server time for 40+ lvls .
Horse races are @ 20.30 server time evryday , "Tomb raider" I have no idea lets say saturday 20.00 hours thats all I know so far (I'll check it out) . Very Happy
If I put a wrong time somewhere or any mistake PM me , or Godly can move this back to general so people can reply to it tongue
EDIT: Tomb raider event confirmed for saturday 20:00 hours (8pm) server time , I hope I see you there !!


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