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Recruitment needed Empty Recruitment needed

Post by SharpClaw on Thu Feb 07, 2008 1:58 pm

The guild is lvl 3 now and 200 max members !
Time for new blood to be added and posibly while it's still flowing in arteries and veins forming a functional cardio-vascular system of ... well you get the idea Laughing
Heres a few sugestions to the proces :
If you find anyone without a guild while questing/grinding offer him to join us (if he's white named means he's over 30 lvl) ,
A few anouncements should be made by the leader on world chat , heres an idea :"LSDream lvl 3 guild recruting Loyal Strong and Devoted people lvl x0" this is so people don't get just the drug idea Question
or "LSDream lvl 3 guild recruting x0+ players (our lvl range is up to 67 and rising)" , reply please with you're ideas and don't start recruitment till Godly or Exile confirms this .


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Recruitment needed Empty Re: Recruitment needed

Post by Godly on Thu Feb 07, 2008 4:48 pm

Yes exactly, recruitement is needed!

Here is were the Commanders and Captains show their social and persuasive skills on the guild. The higher the lvl is from who you invite, the better that is for the guild ofcourse.

Never random invite people, just first have a small chat with the player about if he'd/she'd like to join our guild. (explain that we are lvl 3, 80+ active members, we offer lost of help, very friendly enviroment, .. )

I will be buying some trompets soon enough I hope, so yes I'll shout some of those sentences.
If anyone feels urged to use some trompets himself/herself, please do so, every bit of help is welcome ofcourse! Smile
Just try including then that they'll have the contact the GM, VGM or else some Commander or Captain.

Let the recruiting madness begin Wink


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Recruitment needed Empty Re: Recruitment needed

Post by Link on Thu Feb 07, 2008 6:55 pm

WOHO lets recruiting *catches all guildless ppl with a strick*

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Recruitment needed Empty Re: Recruitment needed

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