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Post by Tangrethx on Sun Mar 02, 2008 12:48 am

I was talking today with Serial about tonque twisters Very Happy that inspire me to add this topic onto the forum.
In this topic please add tonque twisters from your country Very Happy (tonque twisters- sentence that is verry difficult to say Smile )
i have a bunch of twisters for good start Smile :
W czasie suszy, szosa sucha. - In times of drought the road is dry.
Rozrewolwerowany rewolwerowiec z rozrewolwerowanym rewolwerem. - (?) i dont even know how to translate it Very Happy
Cesarz czesa│ cesarzow▒. - The emperor was combing his wife.
Chrz▒szcz brzmi w trzcinie w Strzebrzeszynie, strz▒sa krople d┐d┐u - A beetle sounds in a the reeds in Strzebrzeszyn, disturbing rain drops.
Spod czeskich strzech, sz│o Czechˇw trzech - From Czech huts came three Czechs.

ok, and little help Smile with polish language (phonetic):
ˇ = u
cz = tsch
sz = sh
ch = :/ i dont know how to write it Razz ask me on ventrilo
▒ = :/ there is no simmilar letters in english
d┐ = g (hard)
Very Happy if u really want to know how to tell it well- catch me on ventrilo Smile
next polish tonque twisters soon

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